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What Is an .IO Domain?

The .IO domain is originally the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for British Indian Ocean Territory. However, it took off several years ago and has been associated with technology, gaming, and start-up companies in recent years.

It is because "IO" is often used as an abbreviation for Input/Output in computer science. Now that more businesses and individuals use the .IO domain, it has become popular and is now considered synonymous with innovation.

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  • Blaz Robar


    The .IO domain is still relatively new, so it has higher availability than standard domain endings.

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    Tech Website

    The .IO domain conveys innovation and trendiness in the tech and startup communities whose core services are entrepreneurial or technological.

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    Go Freight

    Leading transportation logistics organizations, such as Go Freight, have adopted the .IO domain for their websites and have benefited greatly.

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    If you're searching for freight transportation services, can be an interesting logistic company to consider. You’ll see this unique website in your Google search that offers the best shipping services with Warehouse and Trucking simplified for you.

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    Including transportation logistics companies, having a .IO domain on every website can benefit the business. It will assist businesses in promoting their website's technology and capabilities, as well as allowing them to market their unique website name on Google, allowing more traffic on the website and attracting more potential clients and customers.

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    Domain hacking, or ingeniously creating words and phrases with second and third-level domains, is a terrific method to make your website memorable and fascinating. For example, you can adjust your website to “” and “lio.ns”.

Early History

The .io domain was delegated by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority to British entrepreneur Paul Kane in 1997 together with the ccTLDs .ac (Ascension Island), .sh (St Helena), and .tm (Turkmenistan). Kane operated them for private benefit under the trade name "Internet Computer Bureau" from 1997 until 2017. The first subdomain was registered under .IO in 1998, when Levi Strauss & Co. registered the domain

Easily Recognized by Google

If you use Google to search for dependable and high-quality freight transportation services, Go Freight's uniquely named website will appear in your search results, allowing you to try their services and experience the excellent customer service of a leading Tech-Driven Third-Party Logistics Company.

Top-Level Domain

Google, as the most popular search engine on the planet, detects traditional TLDs the most. .IO has been added to Google's list of ccTLD's (Generic Country Code Top Level Domains). Your website can be found all around the world, not just in British Indian Ocean Territory, where the .IO domain was first assigned.

Shorter Uniform Resource Locator (URL)

The .IO domain is only two characters long, making it shorter than many other domains. With the larger amount of accessible domain space that .IO domain provides, you have a fantastic chance to register a short, unique, and distinctive domain name.